At Cassandra Caterings, all the little details make the success of an event,as well as a perfect synchronization when serving dishes, table decorations, the atention offered by the waiters, the quality of the menus and above all very tasteful.

The presentation is doubtless another highlight which offers an extensive and varied list of combinations of furnishings (dishes, linens, glassware, silverware, jewelry, …) and accessories for decoration (flowers, centerpieces, candles,…).
This business bets on the “Four Seasons” rule, which advises on the selection of seasonal items, so that the environment remains in perfect harmony with the event developed, both in dress and the colors that surround the event, as well as in the smells and flavors that come from the menu.

Our team advises on all aspects of decoration and protocol, to ensure that every event is unique and unrepeatable.

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